Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fishing for Glory at Moscow’s Rostelecom Cup

Keep It, or Toss It Back? That is the question this time around after this weekend’s second stop on the GP express:

KEEP…Takahiko Kozuka’s blazing new SP to Hendrix. Who knew?

TOSS BACK…whoever produced the graphics on the World Feed…. It’s JIMI Hendrix, not JIMMY. (Oh, and in case anyone uses a Fab Four medley this season… it’s BEATLES, not BEETLES. Just a tip.)

KEEP…Ashley Wagner’s new FS costume (and program)…completely makes up for the Sheena look she suffered through all last season.

TOSS BACK…everything having to do with Mao Asada’s competitive skating right now… the music, the costumes, the all-or-nothing triple axels she can’t seem to land right now anyway. Since she’s unlikely to qualify for the GP Final (finishing a stunning 5th this weekend), I guess she’ll have plenty of time to regroup. I’m bummed for her. Hope things work out better the next time we see her.

KEEP… Pang and Tong using “Impossible Dream”…hmmm, wonder if it’s the first thing that sprang to mind when they heard Shen and Zhao were returning this season? (By the way, P/T, all the senior men hoping to have a shot at Olympic gold want to use it too. They said so right after watching chapter 1 of Plushenko’s comeback.)

TOSS BACK… Plushy’s finger in the air, non-ending pose, and all the other affectations that he seemed to have on display this weekend in the name of success. I know it’s not supposed to be bragging if you can really deliver what you promise…but does the same go for arrogance? Sorry—I’m just tired of him already.

KEEP…any skater that successfully tuned out that giant poster of shirtless Johnny Weir…Lord, please let us never EVER see that again. Nuff said.

TOSS BACK… Weir’s whole deal. The program looks and sounds a lot like last year, and I don’t see any other growth. In fact, I saw regression. What’s become of the guy who seemed to improve so much after leaving Priscilla Hill? He’s as MIA as his triple axel.

KEEP…Davis and White’s dominance and gold medal. Well-deserved!

TOSS BACK… don’t hate me, but… the “Phantom” FD. I know it’s here to stay, but I enjoyed “Samson & Delilah” more last season. There, I said it.

KEEP… McLaughlin and Brubaker’s new programs. Enjoyed them both!

TOSS BACK…McLaughlin’s splatfest. Come on, girl… that bronze medal was a gift.

For the record, I was 6-for-12 on the guesses again… which means I’m still batting .500 for the season. Rather shocking, but I’m sure my fellow bloggers are doing even better!

I’ve got Kozuka’s SP as the Clip of the Day.


jumping clapping man said...

i agree with most your "keeps". LOVE pang/tong's free.

"sheena"...hahahaha. you mean easton (ie: "sugar walls")?

i'm not a fan of takahiko's all-rock season. BUT, it does set him apart.

however, i thought McBru's LP was a let down...there is MUCH better music from that soundtrack (which is a GREAT idea). they used only the filler, i felt.

i have promised myself that i'm going to forgive plushy his cockiness, since he's quickly proved his amazing-ness. yes, it's a lot to put up with. but, honestly, i feel we need someone really daring, spicy and provoking in this sport!!!

and, i'm torn on the "phantom" is PERFECT as a program (ie: highs, lows, tenderness, drama), BUT it is so dated/cheesy/and over-played. i hope they can make me care.

Sharon said...

Since I can get excited just watching Meryl and Charlie skate around the rink hand-in-hand, it goes without saying I loved their programs and am very happy over their win. I know they are getting some criticism over their FD music choice but I love Phantom music, always have, in fact I love quite a few of the dated, cheesy "warhorses". I just love when skaters feel their music and knowing that D/W love this music, I feel like they are really into it.

Some of the skaters could be skating to background noise for all the feeling they put into their music choices.

I was a little disappointed, too, in McBru's picks from Slumdog. And I'm so hoping Keauna can get her skates fully under her! They are better than that.

I don't give a sh*t about Plushenko's comeback and his finger-waving arrogance just sealed it for me! Whatever.

Pang/Tong were terrific but I'm still looking forward to Shen/Zhao's return.

Loved Ashley Wagner!

Also, I knew Rubleva/Shefer were gonna medal! :)

jumping clapping man said...

YES, shen/zhao!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see them. they are the best indeed.

Aaron said...

You're way outpacing me...I'm 9 for 24!

I'm not doing a bad job at predicting podiums...I'm just putting them in the wrong orders!

Kelli Lawrence said...

JCM-- LOL on the Sugar Walls! But I used to think Wagner's old "Spartacus" dress was better suited for Sheena... Queen of the Jungle :-)

And point taken on McBru's music, though I'm still glad it's not something I've heard 2800 times. Maybe they'll make some tweaks by Nationals, if not Skate America.