Friday, October 2, 2009

Babies and Battles and Promotions (and Dancers)... Oh My!

With October already upon us, and the kickoff to the 2009-10 GP season just a few weeks away, it seems like I’d better shake out of the summer schedule for this blog (which amounts to about 2 postings a week max), and get fitted for the winter version (which is at least 3 postings a week). But it may take a little longer for me this year—I’m in the final stages of a HUGE project I’ve been working on for quite a while, and may be doing well to keep with the 2x/a week updates until the project is complete. With any luck, that “complete” date will be within the next couple of months. Please bear with me… thanks!!

In the meantime, please scroll through the assortment of updates until you find one you like:

+ C’EST UN GARCON: From the “Where has the time gone this year??” files… one minute I’m
blogging about a certain ice dancer’s pregnancy, the next, pregnancy time is over already and Isabelle Delobel’s son is born. Here’s one of probably several articles about it… but of course, the most important news is that mère et le fils se portent bien. Will she and Olivier Schoenfelder get back into competitive form in time for Vancouver? The watch is on to find out…

+ GAME ON: Though I haven’t really mentioned it here at my site, go to just about any other skating blog and you’ll see at least one post about the CBC reality show Battle of the Blades… or look
here, or here. In any case, it sounds like a cool chance to watch well-known hockey players team up with first ladies of Canadian figure skating and try to look the least ridiculous on live TV. First team out has to watch a 6 hour marathon of all the Cutting Edge movies. (TOE-PICK!!) And if that’s not enough to have non-Canadians mining You Tube for clips… Kurt Browning co-hosts. It gets started this weekend.

+ ALREADY?: The fine folks that make up the local organizing committee for the 2011 Nationals (in Greensboro, N.C.) want you to know about their
So Good, It’s Scary promotion set to run throughout October. It involves package discounts on tickets, and like so many things in life today, it involves getting followers on Twitter. So by all means, check it out and become a “follower” if it suits your fancy.

+ STILL DANCING: In case you were wondering, Emmanuel Sandhu continues his remarkable turnaround from his very early season 1 departure from So You Think You Can Dance Canada… and is still on the show (aka “hasn’t been voted off yet”) as of this week. Add to that the fact that he’s apparently
competing with broken fingers, and it’s hard not to be impressed.

I can’t find a new video of just Sandhu (and partner) from the show, but in lieu of that I’ll post this
season-to-date composite... during which you will see him several times.

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