Thursday, September 3, 2009

So THAT's Who Does "Disney on Ice" These Days...

Back in the 1970s, when Ice Follies signed Janet Lynn… and a few years later when Ice Capades did the same with Dorothy Hamill... those shows were essentially the only two tours circling the USA. By the late 80s, the focus had shifted to shows such as Stars on Ice, which gave the Tom Collins tour a run for its money.

Somewhere in between—1981, to be precise—the folks at Disney came up with shows of their own. And while the Follies, Capades, and even the Tom Collins tour are no longer in business, Disney’s shows persevere…I’m guessing the fact that it’s DISNEY helps a whole bunch.

Anyway—every once in a while, an article pops up about one of the principal skaters behind the otherwise faceless cast in a Disney show. I tend to read those, sensing I might be one of the few readers who might actually recognize the name of said skater.

Indeed I did this time… the
article in question is about Natasha Kuchiki. You remember Kuchiki—she was Todd Sand’s partner back when his future partner Jenni Meno was still skating with Scott Wendland. With Sand, Kuchiki won a National title and—I didn’t remember this until I looked it up—a World bronze in 1991. They even competed in Albertville together (1992, taking 6th) before splitting up. She was quite young, as I recall… which probably explains why she’s been a part of Disney on Ice for (gulp) 15 years and is only now in her 30s.

So if you find yourself turning up at one of these Disney extravaganzas (presumably with kids, but hey, I won’t judge you if you go alone or on a date), keep an eye out for Kuchiki, She’s the one playing Mulan and Princess Jasmine in 100 Years of Magic.

Still not sure who she is? Check out this
Clip of the Day.

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