Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kerrs are "Everywhere"... and Rudy Still Knows the Way to San Jose

If you haven’t cruised by in recent weeks, you might want to consider it… between updates on what programs the Olympic-eligible are cooking up this summer on their home ice, and catch-up pieces on the no-longer-eligible, there’s usually something interesting to discover. Even in the depths of summer.

Such as
John and Sinead Kerr’s choices for the OD and FD this year, which are—wait for it—“I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash (for the former) and Linkin Park's "Krwlng” (for the latter). Go read the article; the explanations of both pieces of music are pretty interesting… one dance storyline will center around a truck driver picking up a hitchhiker; the other will demonstrate one person “in turmoil” while an unseen force pulls them through the darkness. I’ll let you figure out which song goes with which storyline.

Rudy Galindo’s unforgettable grin graces a new article as he details life after the Champions on Ice tour… and double hip replacement surgery. He’s coaching now, has returned home to San Jose after several years away, and sounds pretty happy.

But it’s admittedly hard to ever be as jubilantly happy as he was
here at 1996 Nationals. (Clip of the day, by the way)

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