Friday, September 11, 2009

So HE Can Dance (for now)... and SHE Can Commentate (Sort of)

I don’t think I’ll be mentioning Emanuel Sandhu and Nancy Kerrigan in the same post very often, so enjoy this while it lasts…

As you might recall from
this post about a year ago, Sandhu set his sights on making the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20… only to be cut several rounds too soon. But that was 2008. Apparently he put in the extra effort over the past 12 months, for this year he reached his goal… and made it onto the show. Impressive!

Take a peek at
this article from the SYTYCD Canada blog that ran today, giving a nice analysis of his work so far on the show … and then watch the routine mentioned in the article via this Clip of the Day… though if you’re a fan of the show in Canada, you may have just seen this a few days ago. He appears to be several weeks away from having to do the dreaded “Dance for your Life”, but as fans of the show know, that might all change if he has to do a quick step next week.

Meanwhile, Nancy Kerrigan is involved in some other Canadian broadcast news of a sort.
This press release explains the deal made with StarGames LLC (the agency run by Kerrigan’s husband, Jerry Solomon) and STATS, “the world's leading sports technology, data and content company”, to create exclusive video reports with Kerrigan during the Vancouver Games to be licensed to select online and mobile clients. Which isn’t exactly NBC, but times have changed…and even the commentating opportunities are starting to reflect all the different ways we get our information nowadays:

Ms. Kerrigan's videos will bring home the atmosphere to viewers as she shares experiences from throughout the Olympic village. Concepts will cover a wide variety of topics, from "woman on the street" reporting to lighthearted interviews with athletes as well as a unique feature called "Lifestyle of Vancouver."

Ms. Kerrigan will also provide in-depth figure skating analysis with event day previews offering complete analysis from the perspective of an experienced figure skater.

I’m not sure what this means for her other broadcasting stints (which included IceNetwork’s coverage of Skate America 2008 as I recall), but if I find out I’ll pass it on. Should be interesting to see where these “licensed reports” will turn up.

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