Friday, March 20, 2009

Going Back to Cali: The Worlds Schedule

It’s the first day of spring!!!

What better time to announce the schedule for a WINTER sport’s biggest event of the year??

Competition starts Tuesday; I’m listing East Coast starting times as well as West Coast—East is the one that’s three hours later :-)

Tuesday, March 24:
1PM (PT)/4PM (ET): Compulsory Dance
7PM (PT)/10PM (ET): Pairs Short Program

Wednesday, March 25:
9AM (PT)/12PM (ET): Men’s Short Program (1st half)
1:30PM (PT)/4:30PM (ET): Men’s Short Program (2nd half)
7:30PM (PT)/10:30PM (ET): Pair’s Free Skate

Thursday, March 26
12:30PM (PT)/3:30PM (ET): Original Dance
5:35PM (PT)/8:35PM (ET): Men’s Free Skating

Friday, March 27
8:45AM (PT)/11:45AM (ET): Ladies Short Program (1st half)
1:20PM (PT)/4:20PM (ET): Ladies Short Program (2nd half)
6:30PM (PT)/9:30PM (ET): Free Dance

Saturday, March 28
4PM (PT)/7PM (ET) Ladies Free Skate

Sunday, March 29
2PM (PT)/5PM (ET): Exhibition

As for where you might actually SEE all this skating if you live in the U.S.: Aye, there’s the rub. If you’re blessed with the Oxygen Network on your cable/satellite system, get ready for plenty of coverage, you lucky, lucky soul. If you’re not, well… you get 2 hours next Saturday night on NBC. Period. That goes for IceNetwork subscribers too; Ice Network isn’t covering anything, as I understand it.

So get ready to find somewhere else for your fix. That’s what I’ll be doing – we just started getting NBC’s Universal Sports channel here, and at first I thought that would be my window to this year’s Worlds. How disappointing to find it is, instead, the home to nearly every other winter Olympic sport under the sun…

Nonetheless, I will still make some stabs at predictions. Look for them all to trickle in by the time things get started on Tuesday.

For the Clip of the Day, enjoy Virtue & Moir’s free dance from last year’s Worlds.

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