Thursday, March 5, 2009

Going Back to Cali 2009: Injured Reserve List Update

You’re counting it down, aren’t you… 18 days till (Senior) Worlds in Los Angeles, 17 days, 16… if only because it temporarily keeps you from thinking about the stock market… or the unemployment lines… or the fact that Conan’s off the air for a few months.

And that means there are less than 3 weeks for the devil we know as injury to snake in and around the ice rinks of the world, keeping the ailing down, tugging at the ankles/knees/shoulders of the healthy ones. Who will have to bow out? Who’s still undecided? And which way are they leaning?

Answer to the first question: Canada’s Langlois and Hay, who has been in recovery mode all season since a broken leg took them out of it last summer.
This report from ESPN confirms that they’re officially calling this season a wash, and setting their sights on 2010 and, hopefully, Vancouver.

Answer to the second and third questions can be found in these two sides of the coin:

Delobel and Schoenfelder are undecided but it’s not looking good, according to
this article from Delobel’s shoulder is still healing to the point where she hasn’t even returned to the ice yet. Yikes.

Belbin and Agosto, on the other hand, claim to be in quite good shape in
this article from the LA Times:

“We'll definitely be there, absolutely," she (Belbin) said. "We've been training hard. If anything, this injury and this setback have given us a lot of fight. Ben pushed through it and we're more invigorated than we'd be without it, even."

Think they’ll be able to end the season on a good note? Here’s their Nationals FD from last year as a
Clip of the Day , just as a reminder of what they’re capable of.


Aaron said...

Things also don't look good for Sarah Meier who's dealing with a bad hip.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Rats, I was trying to run through the top ladies in my head to remember if anyone was hurt-- shame on me for not including her in that bunch. She'll be missed!