Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Helsinki Hopefuls: 2017 World Figure Skating Predictions, part 2 (Men)


Fernandez, Hanyu, Jin, Kolyada, Chan, Rippon, Uno, Aaron, Brezina, Hochstein
(The cross-outs indicate 3 of the 10, a.k.a. ALL the U.S. men from last year, will not be at Worlds this year.)

How about THIS year’s Top 10?

GOLD: Hanyu (JPN) … because he’s healthy this year (as far as I know), he’s an OGM, and I tend to think he’s carefully assessed the field this year (read: New guy Nathan) and will find what it takes to win… something he hasn’t done at Worlds since 2014.

SILVER: Chen (USA)… because I think he’s gonna medal, but I don’t think he can defeat a top-flight Hanyu… yet. P.S. I’ve heard some talk about him actually attempting SIX quads in his free skate this week, and I truly hope that’s not the case. C’mon, Raf (his coach), where’s that bubble wrap when we need it??

BRONZE: Fernandez (ESP)… because, simply stated, I think he’s been a little under par all season.

4th: Uno (JPN)… because his time is coming; in fact, it’s very close.

5th: Chan (CAN)… because despite having some exceptionally beautiful programs this year, his jump consistency has been spottier than ever. (Which is to say he’ll probably make the podium now that I’ve said this. Oh well. I stand by this guess.)

6th: Jin (CHN)… I know he’s the reigning Bronze Medalist, and that he’s got mad quads too, but his artistry-in-progress status puts him further down in the pack this season.

7th: Brown (USA)… because (sigh) without the quads—even if they’re wildly imperfect— this feels like a best-case scenario.

8th Kovtun (RUS)… when he’s “on,” look out. It doesn’t happen that often, but a top 10 finish would be a vast improvement over last season (when he finished way down in 18th place after a 21st-place free skate). So I’m wishing that for him… if only so it keep us from ever having to watch his “Hitchhiker” SP beyond this week.

9th: Bychenko (ISR)… because he still seems to be on an upward trajectory at age 29 (!!) but he’s never made the top 10 at Worlds before. Seize the day, Alexei.

10th: Kolyada (RUS)… because he was a surprise 4th last year, but to finish anywhere near that this season seems an even bigger surprise. Still, I’ve gotta root for this second coming of Ilia Kulik.

Who’d I miss? Michal Brezina (CZE) kind of feels like a top 10 coin toss at this point… Misha Ge (UZB) might be calling it a career after this season, so he might make a return appearance (his best finish was 6th, 2 years ago)… Denis Ten (KAZ) has his crazy, end-of-season ways of getting in there at times… and if none of them take advantage, Kevin Reynolds (CAN) or Keiji Tenaka (JPN) or Jorik Hendrickx (BEL) might be up for the challenge.  

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