Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Consider this a preview to the preview of Worlds 2017

Hey, I’m back!!
Now where was I when I left off…?

 (Wait. That doesn’t sound right.)

I’ll try again. So, who’s ready to check out next year’s Olympic territory at this year’s Four Continents Championship...

(Really? That was nearly a month ago!)

I'm so sorry. Let’s go with the headlines instead. Hey guys, breaking news: Gracie Gold split from coach Frank Caroll and relocated to Michigan

(What? More like ‘ALREADY LONG BROKEN’ news!!)

How about this: Reigning ice dance OGM Charlie White has developed quite the remarkable voice on Twitter—

(Girl, by now the news is that he’s on Facebook too, busting way past 140 characters. Come on.)

Wait, I’ve got it! Did you hear that Nancy Kerrigan is going to be—

(Part of the Dancing with the Stars cast which started Monday March 20? Yep. Got that too. She did very in week 1, by the way.)

(Hey now! Don’t be a hater.)

No! I’m glad she’s on the show! I meant Crap, I was late on that too.

(Oh. Also… U.S. Men’s Silver Medalist Vincent Zhou just won Junior Worlds.)

Really? That’s incredible!

(And the brother/sister dance team from the U.S. won Junior Worlds, too.)

But the Shib Sibs aren’t…

(No, dummy. Different brother/sister that won EVERYTHING they could get their skates on this season..)

Oh, the PARSONS! Right! And while I’m thinking about it, how did the Whip My Hair girl do?

(Starr Andrews?  She was 12th… Bradie Tennell was 7th… and U.S. pairs were 7th and 10th overall.)

Good Lord, if all that is a done deal, then it must almost be time for senior Worlds!

(Indeed. It all starts about a week from now.)

Aaaugh! I’ve gotta get caught up!

(I think you kind of just did.)

Oh! Well, that was helpful.

(Not to mention convenient.)

What should we do next?

(I don’t know about you, but I think some Worlds previews would be nice for whatever readers you still have…)

“Previews”? Plural? You really think I can get more than one written over the next 7 days?

(Hey, SOMEONE here has to be optimistic…)

Fair enough. What else you got, oh optimistic one?

(Well… let’s ask readers to post in the Comments if they’d like you to address anyone or anything in particular. Or if they’ve got their own declarations to make about the upcoming events in Helsinki.)


(That’s where Worlds is happening, you know…)

I DO know, thank you very much.

(… and why #Helsinki2017 and #WorldFigure both appear to be the Twitter hashtags.)

Are you sure? Two “official” hashtags seems very unlikely.

(Let’s hope someone sets us straight in the comments, then. No time to research THAT—you’ve got other prep work to do!)

All too true. 


Anonymous said...

Some newer news is that Satoko Miyahara is out due to injury, and Zijun Li was strangely named an alternate even though she's the top Chinese lady. Oh, and Han Yan is out due to injury, too. Boo.

Anyway, my totally biased, absolutely will not come true predictions:

Gold - Ashley Wagner
Silver - Evgenia Medvedeva
Bronze - Mariah Bell

Gold - Patrick Chan
Silver - Shoma Uno
Bronze - Jason Brown

Ice Dance
Gold - Weaver/Poje
Silver - Papadakis/Cizeron
Bronze - Shibutanis

Gold - Sui/Han
Silver - James/Cipres
Bronze - Seguin/Bilodeau

Kelli Lawrence said...

Ha! Love your predictions! Go Wea/Po!