Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 U.S. Nationals Who's Who: Who's in, who's out, who's questionable

U.S. Nationals officially begin in about one week; the main attractions will finally know their fate about two weeks from now... guess I better start with some needs-to-know stuff!

If you’d like to see the list of competitors—including those given a “Bye” and/or have officially withdrawn—click here! 

IceNetwork has not yet listed their streaming times, but I believe Heather W.’s schedule regarding the NBC airdates is current. (P.S. I think the Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular has been moved to Sunday 1/20 since she last updated this.)

Update: I was a day too early... CLICK HERE to see the full IceNetwork viewers guide to Nationals.

The Withdrawals: You know about Johnny Weir already... and reigning pairs champs Denney/Coughlin, I suppose... and Yankowskas/Reagan’s debut remains on hold due to Reagan’s rib injury.

The wild card? Word got out over the weekend that Alissa Czisny was injured during her free skate at an invitational event in Appleton, WI. Last I heard, no word yet on whether or not this changes her status for Nationals. Here’s hoping she’s okay.

Update: According to Aunt Joyce's blog, Czisny dislocated her hip and has already had surgery. Can't imagine she'll be able to skate for a while... again. I'll post more updates as I see them.

Not-so-wild card: Evan Lysacek is still listed as Omaha-bound, but when the guy was last heard to have had surgery a couple months back... and Tweets all this past weekend about what he’s wearing, what he’s riding in, and who he’s hanging with at the Golden Globes... I have a hard time believing he’ll be there.

The change-ups:
Back from injury... Samantha Cesario, Courtney Hicks
Now skating both pairs and singles: Kiri Baga              
Now NOT skating pairs... just singles: Ashley Cain
Now back to skating singles after a season in pairs: Becky Bereswill

And I will leave you with... a trivia question! Here goes: This season it appears that only TEN teams will compete for the U.S. Senior Pairs title. When was the last time that few (or fewer!) competed?

If you’ve got a guess, leave it in the comments... I will post the answer in a few days!

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sara.raju said...

I have absolutely no idea, because I don't follow pairs that closely, so I'm going to say....1970?