Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 U.S. Nationals Predictions: Ice Dancing

Time to talk about the 2013 field of Senior ice dance competitors! 

And with Davis/White and the Shib Sibs a lock and near-lock for 1-2, here's thoughts on some of the others:

I’m looking for Madison Chock/Evan Bates to make a move from last year’s 5th place. Now two seasons strong, they are more established, have more experience, and their Dr. Zhiavago FD is a lovely vehicle for them. I don’t know if they can overtake Hubbell/Donohue for third—yet—but fourth is another story. Last year’s pewter medalists K/G-S (as I’ve vowed to nickname them this year) use an Adele medley for their FD this season, and I wonder if it comes across as challenging enough in what amounts to their 7th season together.

Incidentally, Keiffer Hubbell (Madison’s brother and former partner) will return to the National scene this week with new partner Anastasia Olsen. We last saw her finishing in 6th place last season with Jordan Cowan.

Also of note...

+ Both Cannuscio sisters are back. Anastasia (the younger one) returns in her third season with Colin McManus, and Isabella returns with new partner Michael Bramant. But don’t let their inexperience fool you—they won Eastern Sectionals with a unique, retro jazz FD that definitely grabbed my attention.

+ Speaking of siblings... we may be missing Rockne Brubaker at this Nationals (sigh), but his younger brother Collin will compete among the Senior ice dancers with Alissandra Aronow.

+ If you happen to be looking for new Pacific coast representatives of ice dance in Omaha, you might want to look for something else... there was no senior dance event at Pacific Coast Sectionals this year.

So, my predictions... 

GOLD: Davis/White
SILVER: Shibutani/Shibutani
BRONZE: Hubbell/Donohue 

That only leaves THE LADIES... which of course I'll post sometime before their SP begins Thursday night!


sara.raju said...

So I really like Hubbell and Donahue, but do you feel like the first half of their Free skate is kind of a rip off of V/M's Olympic OD? It's the same music and it just seems like they didn't stray far enough for it to feel original.
The Shib sibs on the other hand have one of my favorite FD's of the season. The Memoirs of a Geisha routine has a lot of softness and subtlety and I think it's their best FD so far!

Kelli Lawrence said...

Honestly... I'm not a big fan of Hubbell/Donohue's FD either. I'm not sure I'd call it a ripoff, but it feels like kids trying on grown-up clothes-- know what I mean?

BUT it seems the judges like it better than I do (4th at one GP assignment; 5th at another).