Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quick, before they're overtaken!! Skaters of interest this past week

Maybe it’s just me, but for a “pre-season” (as I tend to call any skating events prior to the kickoff of the ISU Senior Grand Prix), there sure is a hot mess of stuff to cover. FIVE events this coming weekend alone (!!), the specifics of which I’ll be discussing shortly.

But first: a tiny recap of figure skating newsmakers from the past week or so, for any ripples they made in the pool are about to be overtaken by some big ‘ol waves...(I’ve added news and/or video links to each)

Kurt Browning—because, as stated in his own words, he’s dusted off and re-booted his Singin’ in the Rain program for a competition over in Japan (“the specifics of which I’ll be discussing shortly”)...

Cynthia Phaneuf—because she’s retiring after a rough year, and that can’t be easy...

Katelyn Osmond—because she just beat Adelina Sotnikova in an international event, and that can’t be easy either...

Josh Farris—because after last weekend (at JGP Bled/Slovenia), he’s a double gold medal winner this season and is therefore in the JGP Final for sure. Check out his most recent FS here

Aldridge/Eaton— Ditto. And their most recent FD (to Fiddler on the Roof) is here.

Nobunari Oda—because he’s back to doing what he does so well: lighting up the leader boards in the first half of the season. Watch his FS from Nebelhorn, which handily defeated 4th place Brezina and 5th place Verner (both of whom are still using last season’s FS, incidentally).

OK... now... the following events will be taking place this weekend (or have already started):

Ondrej Nepala Memorial

Finlandia Trophy

JGP Croatia

Japan Open

Medal Winners Open (the one featuring Browning)

Who's in what event? Who's in which place so far? I will do my level best to keep up on these (though one is likely to be the Odd Event Out-- my money's on Nepala) over the weekend, either over here and/or on Twitter (@KLBSt8ofSk8).


sara.raju said...

Did you hear that Evan Lysacek pulled out of Skate America again!?

Kelli Lawrence said...

Yes I did! Honestly, I'm more excited about Armin getting to skate in his place than I am disappointed that Evan's comeback is delayed!