Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Holidays, Kim Yu-Na Style

How will YOU celebrate KimYu-Na Day?

This Saturday is not just another Saturday in Los Angeles, the home of Yu-Na’s first World Championship. And with LA boasting 120,000 Korean-Americans (the largest Korean population outside of Korea, according to the above article), Yu-Na is hardly just another athlete. So, August 7 is the day. Yu-Na will even make a special trip down to California to accept the “Proud Korean Award” that goes with the deal as well.

But why should the City of Angles have all the fun? I’ve come up with the TOP 5 WAYS TO CELEBRATE KIM YU-NA DAY no matter where you are this weekend:

#5-- Dress up like a South Korean Bond Girl and walk the streets of your town to see if anyone “gets it”

#4-- At dawn, see how many different Yu-Na commercials you can track down on You Tube. Check the clock when you get hungry. Realize it’s now lunchtime.

#3—Feast on Seng Wang Kal Bi, Duk-Man-Du Soup, and Red Bean Bing Soo! (Yes, I had to look that up. You can too. Go see what you’re eating!)

#2-- Fly to Toronto to try and catch a glimpse of her training… realize she’s spending the day in L.A. because it’s Kim Yu-Na day there… smack yourself in the head with your palm, wondering why you didn’t think of that.

#1-- Stand at the top of a staircase, make two friends stand a little lower on the staircase than you, and hum the South Korean national anthem.

And just in case you’re considering taking #4 to heart, I’ll get you started: this Clip of the Day commercial of Yu-Na’s appears to be one of the more popular ones, with well over half a million views so far. (Still doesn’t top the total number that have now seen the Davis/White Bollywood dance, though.)


Anonymous said...

It took me more than an hour to view all the Yuna commercials that popped up using the key words "Yu Na Kim commercial" on Youtube! I am sure there are more though.

Kelli Lawrence said...

I knew it!!! Hope you didn't miss a meal!

Anonymous said...

Yuna just announced at the banquet following her "Proud Korean Award" reception today that she will have an LA ice show this coming October (2nd-3rd), possibly starring Michelle Kwan and Jeremy Abbott!

Kelli Lawrence said...

Yes, I read about that... sounds great!