Monday, August 9, 2010

2009 Skate Canada: a Re-Recap (Men and Pairs)

We’re heading into the home stretch of recapping last season’s Grand Prix events, so let’s see what there is worth seeing (again) from Skate Canada, or SkCan:

PREVIOUS PAIRS TALK covered Denney/Barrett’s hard-earned 5th place, Mukhortova/Trank’s fine (though undermarked) performances, and Savchenko/Szolkowy’s impressive debut of the Out of Africa free skate.

WHO’S LEFT: Dube/Davison, who caused some head-scratching when their error-laden free skate somehow kept them in 3rd place Checking over the protocols…
Their highest-ranked elements: two of their three lifts and their throw triple lutz

Their lowest-ranked elements: both side-by-side jumps (including the triple salchow, which had become Dube’s nemesis by this point), and their final pairs spin, which was such a hot mess it was declared an “invalid element” and received no points.

However, their component scores averaged 7.01 per “element”… where Denney/Barrett’s components averaged 5.57. It all added up to a 7-8 point spread between the two teams on the overall component scores—which roughly parallels the distance between D & D’s third and D & B’s fifth. All of which makes me very eager for the day that D & B are able to catch up artistically… or at least get in the range!

Speaking of U.S. pairs, this was the only GP appearance last season for Yankowskas/Coughlin. Though they’ve got their SBS triple toes looking great, regrettably the same could not be said for several other elements of their free skate, and it ended up making the difference between 6th place and 7th. Hopefully their recent win here at the Indy Challenge will inspire finer things from them at Cup of China (where they’re scheduled)… and all the places they might go if they fill one of the TBA slots.

PREVIOUS MEN’S EVENT TALK centered on JeremEEE’s quad edging him out for the title over Dice-K, as well as Patrick Chan’s not-ready-for-prime-time comeback from injury, and Denis Ten’s tumble from medal contention with only two clean triples in the free skate (though I think what I specifically mentioned was his Mann-biel (male Denise Biellmann spin).

WHO’S LEFT: Two relatively young Canadian men—21 year-old Jeremy Ten and 22 year-old Joey Russell, both of whom exhibited an admirable amount of style but aren’t yet able to infuse their programs with well-landed jumps (or energy at all for Ten, who seemed entirely drained at the end of his skate). Ten is on the GP for the coming season; I don’t see Russell’s name just yet.

Oh, and Kevin Van der Perren, who looked thoroughly dejected after his free skate… and was still using Pirates of the Carribean at this point of the season. Of course such music became better associated with Javier Fernandez of Spain last season… in watching this, I noticed choreographic passages similar to those of Fernandez, but Fernandez really pulled it off much better.
Here’s VDP’s free skate as the Clip of the Day; see what you think. He skated to Gavin Greenaway’s “Reflections of Earth” for the second half of the season…


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