Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Preview to the 2017 U.S. Nationals Preview


And here my blog sits, still without a GP Final review from December. SHAME…

What I’ve BEEN DOING: working up both a GPF review that incorporates what happened last month with what’s been happening to the respective skaters since then…

What I’ve also BEEN DOING: researching as many of the senior U.S. competitors as time will allow with regards to age, number of senior Nats appearances, best finish to date, and any other pertinent stat stuff like that.

What I WILL DO NEXT: put the GPF review on hold until February (don’t worry, I’ll still make it relevant!) so I can share some of my Nats research with you.

And predictions, of course! Speaking of which… if you’d like to go on record with your own predictions, please post them in the Comments!

In the meantime… HERE is the schedule for the remaining events at U.S. Nats (Senior-level skating starts Thursday).

AND just because I think it’s awesome… here is a young guyskating to music from Hamilton (Philip Baker, who won bronze in the Intermediate Men’s division earlier in the week with help from this free skate).

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