Friday, November 23, 2012

NHK Trophy 2012: Call it an In-Progress Preview

NOTE: Since this edition of “Wonderings” is clearly posting well after Day 1 of NHK events are in the books, you’ll see that I’ve alluded to some of those Day 1 results... and in some cases, provided answers to my own (silly) questions.

Can Hanyu top the SP score he set records with at Skate America? (Yup.)

Will Rippon’s switch to the more traditional, less classic-rock driven version of Nessum Dorma allow him to reunite with his SP triple axel? (Um, nope.)

How will Takahashi’s work hold up side by side against heel-nipper Hanyu? (Round 1 went to Hanyu.)

Will Miner get his quad salchow this time? (Yes, I asked this same thing earlier in the GP season... the answer then was “no”... so it bears re-asking.)

Can either Nagasu or Makarova back up their SP scores with a dominant FS this time? Or will they both be outdone by China’s 15 year-old phenom Li Zijun (in 3rd after the SP)?

And speaking of Makarova—how soon before I’m able to see her brunette image on the screen without thinking I’ve called up the wrong video?

Can Castelli/Shnapir find the medal podium in a relatively lightweight pairs event?

Since we already know Davis/White are sure to win the event... will they be able to set a new SB in the free dance?

Will we be able to watch the Shib Sibs’ Memoirs of a Geisha FD without holding our breath every time Alex (and his previously troubled back) goes to lift Maia into the air?

And now that we know what is to come when Ilinykh/Katsalapov start their Ghost FD, what will our new reaction be at the “spoken word” portion of the program? (Assuming your initial reaction was something like mine: um, WHAT???)

I'll be back after the event, when the GP finalists are in place!

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