Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Gift Ideas for Kwan? Future Coaches for Rippon? Read On...

Did you watch all the skating action? Or at least follow along as to who won?

I didn’t... I was at a school reunion honoring a beloved choral director, crash-coursing my way through Bruckner’s Locus Iste and other works of musical art that I haven’t attempted in over two decades. So I’m still catching up, hoping to be good to go by the time JGP Bosphorus (in Istanbul) gets underway Thursday.

In the meantime... let’s touch on a couple of major skating headlines from last week:

1) Michelle Kwan is engaged! (As you probably heard, well, everywhere)

So here’s my question for you: if you were invited to her wedding, what gift would you bring for Kwan and Lt. Clay Pell? Monogrammed towels? Popcorn popper? Silver bookends shaped like skate blades? Post an idea in the comments... if we get a big enough list going I can review the ideas on Twitter or in future SOTS posts.

2) Adam Rippon changes coaches. (Yes, again.)

You know it’s become something of a pattern when you put “Adam Rippon coaching change” into Google and several different “changes” pop up. In case you’re wondering, there have now been FOUR different coaches in Rippon’s life in 5 ½ years, ever since leaving his first-ever coach in February 2007:

Nikolai Morozov (2/07-11/08)

Brian Orser (1/09- 4/11)

Jason Dungjen (5/11- 8/12)

Rafael Arutyunyan (9/12- )

Which brings me to my other question for you (a two-parter):

a) Do you think Rippon will change coaches a fifth time between now and Sochi (Feb 2014), and if so...

b) Who might he go with? I know much of it depends on how he fares over the coming season, but after winning his first senior medal at Nationals this past January, I would’ve thought he was settling into Detroit for the long haul. Then Worlds happened... 13th place happened... and it occurs to me that we’re just as likely to predict this correctly NOW as we would be in about 5 months, so why not?

Again, if enough answer these questions I'll take 'em to Twitter or a future SOTS post.

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