Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are Samuelson/Gilles the Final Do-Si-Do in the Pairs & Dance Off-Season Shuffle?

Just when I was starting to wonder if Emily Samuelson would be the odd woman out of all the North American pairs and dance mumbo jumbo of the past few months… out comes the news that she’ll be pairing with Todd Gilles. Although they do not yet have a coach or even a training base, much less a program or two, they are hoping to qualify for U.S. Nationals by way of a Sectionals championship this fall.

SO! Here’s the scorecard I’ve racked up from the past 6 months as it appears at this moment (subject to further change, of course):

1) Pairs team Denney/Barrett (of U.S.) split
2) Pairs team Dube/Davison (of Canada) split
3) Dube teams up with Sebastien Wolfe (still of Canada)
4) Pairs team Yankowskas/Coughlin (of U.S.) split
5) Dance team Piper Gilles/Zach Donahue (of U.S.) split
6) Dance team Madison Hubbell/Keiffer Hubbell (of U.S.) split
7) Coughlin teams up with Caydee Denney (still of U.S.)
8) Dance team Crone/Poirier (of Canada) split
9) Dance team Chock/Zuerlein (of U.S.).split
10) Dance team Samuelson/Bates (of U.S) split
11) Chock/Bates team up (still of U.S.)
12) Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier team up (Gilles now representing Canada)
13) Madison Hubbell/Zach Donahue team up (still of U.S.)
14) Emily Samuelson/Todd Gilles team up (still of U.S.)

Who’s left stranded at this point?

Jeremy Barrett—no, seems to be retired
Bryce Davison—no, seems to be focused on coaching for now.
Caitlin Yankowskas
Keiffer Hubbell
Vanessa Crone
Greg Zuerlein—no, seems to be retired/focusing on school
Jane Summersett (former partner of Todd Gilles)—no, seems to be retired

Do we see Crone and Hubbell twizzling in the near future?

What will happen with Yankowskas? Should we make a list of partners she hasn’t considered yet?

Which of these new pairings—especially the dance teams—will rise to the top?

Aren’t you ready to see the Grand Prix start?

Well, we’re almost there… kind of. Junior GP gets underway in about a week. Will you be following anyone in particular? Let me know how closely you want me to stay on top of the JGP results as they unfold over the next couple of months.


Anonymous said...

I believe Vanessa Crone is focusing on school and coaching as well, which, along with achieving the teams major goals, was the impetus behind the split with Poirier.

I eagerly await the Grand Prix too, and hope with all my heart that Caitlyn Yankowskas finds a partner.

Angela said...

Loved this round up, I was getting confused by all the splits.

And YES I would love to see you follow the junior GP and blog about it

Kelli Lawrence said...

@ Tracey-- thanks; the info about Vanessa sounds familiar... still surprising to me when someone who seems to be approaching the pinnacle of their sport (and still has time on their side) determines they've already gone as far as they'd like to go.

@ Angela-- Thanks; I can only hope I kind of got the chronology correct... and I will do my best to keep up with the JGP whipper-snappers :-)