Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End-of-May Rink Roundup: Weir, Plushenko, Kerrigan... and Midori Ito?

We seem to be taking a breather from retirements, break-ups, reconsiderations, and the like in skating’s off-season… at least for the moment… so while I mull over any final thoughts for the 2010-11 season, I’d better at least get caught up on the headlines:

Johnny Weir named Grand Marshal for L.A.Gay Pride parade…
I’m surprised this article in the
Hollywood Reporter doesn’t mention the date of the parade. But then again, the article refers to Weir as a “reality star” well before it mentions he’s a two-time Olympian… and it never acknowledges him as a 3-time U.S. Champion. Does anyone know when the parade occurs? Are any of you planning to go?

AND, he’s still pondering a return to competitive skating…
Oh wait, never mind… according to
this Phil Hersh article, the parade will be on June 12. But read the rest of the article, if you’re curious where the Weir Barometer currently sits on this topic.

AS is Evgeny Plushenko… you know, the banned one…
Depending on which story you believe, the ban placed on Plushenko from Olympic-eligible competition is either as good as lifted, or headed that way.
Here’s one that suggests it will officially be decided within the next few weeks.

But you know who’s REALLY interesting that’s coming back?
If you said “1989 World Champion and 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist Midori Ito,” well, maybe you read
this article already. (OK, she won’t exactly be in the ISU Grand Prix, but who cares?)

On a very different note (and speaking of 1992 Olympic medalists)…
The trial involving Mark Kerrigan (brother to Nancy Kerrigan) and the death of their father has played out in a Boston courthouse over the past few weeks. In short: both Nancy and her mother took the stand in defense of Mark, and in fact he was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter. But he still has to serve time for assault and battery.
Here’s one of the stories covering the sentencing.

And the verdict is in for PSA’s Coach of the Year…
After the podium sweep at Worlds, could there be any doubt this would go to Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva?
This is the IceNetwork article.

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