Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weir, Lysacek, RISE Documentary: News From the Week of January 3rd

Time for a quick roundup of skating-related headlines:

+ Johnny Weir’s autobiography/memoir/whatever you want to call it Welcome to My World will arrive in bookstores this coming Tuesday (January 11). Apparently the book reveals that Weir is gay. Just remember, you heard it here one hundred-and-thirty first :-)

By the way... I DO plan on reading it, but there are a few books ahead of it right now in my queue (somehow I think he’ll sell well without my review!). If anyone else reads it and has some thoughts to share in the interim, feel free to send me a note…

+ In other news that isn’t really news (yep, I said it), Evan Lysacek has officially announced that he won’t be competing at this year’s U.S. Nationals in Greensboro, S.C. He will, however, be in Greensboro to skate in the Smucker’s Skating Spectacular that follows Nationals. He will also do a special performance (following the Spectacular) that will be used in the upcoming documentary RISE.

+ What is this RISE documentary, you ask? Eh, you probably know that by now. Let’s rephrase: Where can I see this RISE film when it hits movie theaters February 17? What you need to do is go to and enter your zip code. I was surprised to see it scheduled to run in 3 different theaters around here. Unfortunately, at $15 per person (plus the cost of babysitting), I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend. There’s still time to work that out, though… Here’s the trailer to RISE that is currently featured at

+ And finally… I don’t know the goings on with the competitors at Canadian Nationals (which start next week) as well as their U.S. counterparts, but I can tell you that 2009 bronze medalist Jeremy Ten is out of the running, following ankle surgery. You can read more about it here… with three spots at Worlds this year, plus the retirement of Vaughn Chipeur, and now Ten’s injury, it would seem that Shawn Sawyer’s chances of making a second Worlds team (presumably behind Patrick Chan and Kevin Reynolds) are getting better all the time. If he does, it’ll be his first time there in 5 years. Aside from Joey Russell, are there others that are poised to make a splash? Post a comment if you know of any.


physics girl said...

Regarding the Canadian Championship, the other top contender is probably Andrei Rogozine although I don't know too much about any of the others. I put a quick preview about it on my blog if you are interested.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Thanks! I'd seen Rogozine's name near the bottom of the starting order and wondered if he was someone I should be familiar with... I'll try to take a look at your blog this week!