Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Batch of Tweets, SOI Style, As The Tour Heads West

Before we get going here, I should mention that there is one more retirement to announce that happened since my last post… the U.S. pairs team of Brooke Castile and Ben Okolski. Here is one of the articles announcing it…another one of those bittersweet stories; this time they actually DID reach the summit of sorts (2007 Nationals Gold) and made two trips to Worlds (12th in 2007, 11th in 2008). But as I recall, they were hindered by injuries from 2007-2009 that kept them from getting as much international experience as they could have… and sometimes hindered their National podium efforts as well (5th place in 2009; 4th this year).

I’m making their 2007 Nationals performance the Clip of the Day… not only because it was probably the highlight of their career, but to remind everyone that Castile/Okolski were one of the first elite skaters (to my knowledge) that used the soundtrack of a terrifying little film called Requiem for a Dream. In the 2006-7 season, it was lovely, unique and haunting. Three years later… well, let’s just say the unique no longer applies!

Meanwhile… back on the SOI Tour…

Hard to believe the 2 month, 41-city trek across the USA is about 75% complete. But they’re in Denver now, heading for the west coast in a few more days. Here come some more “Tweet” highlights from the past several weeks—this time from Jeremy Abbott, Evan Lysacek, and Tanith Belbin—with my occasional comments in italics:


Last minute shopping in Boston... Then racing off to the next one in Maine tonight! (4/12)

Good morning Reading, Pa. And welcome to my day off! Ps I actually slept on the bus, so watch out! (4/15) (Yay—he’s learning how to sleep on the bus!)

Good luck Providence! I can barely function this morning... I hope the rest of the cast will carry me through on this! :) (4/18) (Well, maybe not sleeping EVERYday…)

4some reason when we "Rock the Runway" my clothes just wanna fall off! 2night the button popped & the fly came open! Hope u liked the view! (4/29)

Laying in the grass at the gateway arch enjoying a beautiful day with belle! @
Meryl_Davis (5/6) (He seems to continue hanging out with Meryl Davis, for those of you wondering…)

Yeah I tried quad and fell all over the place... I actually even fell backstage! (5/9)

Kansas City was a blast! In Dallas en route to Austin. I got the worlds cheapest upgrade. Way to go American Airlines! (5/11)

I'm back home!.. Sort of! :) (5/15) (He’s from Aspen; the show is in Denver.)


Just finished training Rumba. In Long Island, NY. Extra is with us today. (4/17) (EXTRA being the syndicated entertainment show)

I wish I could have joined Team USA and relive amazing memories from Vancouver! (4/21) (This is from when the Olympians went to the White House)

Hit my head in training today, just have a mild concussion. Ouch! Hope I can skate ok tonight. (4/24) (You heard about his concussion, right?)

Can't sleep. Still discouraged about tonight. (4/27) (Aww… this was due to sub-par scores from the judges, not his concussion. Unless that's what he attributes the sub-par scores to...)

Will get 8 hrs of sleep tonight. That's what I usually get per week. So excited! (4/29) (Mercy!!)

Took @
Flexjet Learjet 60 XR to IN last night. I love the @starsonice tour bus but I’d choose a Flexjet flight on a private jet any day. (5/5) (Lots of Flexjet plugs in Evan’s life these days! It’s easy to see why!)

Thanks to a great audience for Stars on Ice tonight in Austin Texas!! I was so exhausted and you guys totally energized me. (5/12)

Just landed back in LA! Good to be home... Off to work. We've got to step it up even more this week with Paso and Foxtrot! (5/15) (I wonder how quietly relieved he is that both the tour and Dancing w/the Stars are ending in a couple of weeks?)


Woke up after a 9 hr busride,rolled out of my bunk,gathered my things-then realized we're only at a rest stop & there's still 3 hrs left.Oof (4/10)

Thnx to sewage plant next to the rink,I think I know what Andy's escape in Shawshank smelled like.Shouldn't Hershey smell like chocolate? (4/23)

Fun day @ Smuckers hq in OH.Didn't realize they also own Pillsbury baking products.Now our bus is full of @
PillsburyTreats.Uh-oh:) (5/3) (Here’s hoping they don’t have weigh-ins on SOI like they used to in the Ice Capades…)

Spent 1st hr of bus ride tonight reading about the newest hot baby names (Cullen...seriously?) &learning the stanky leg dance.5hrs left! (5/7) (Oh dear… doesn’t she know the rumors that get triggered from a post like this?)

Forced @
Charlieawhite to watch Ice Castles for the first time.If he seems more inspired tmw night at SOI Austin, you'll know why (5/11)

A visit from DJ on tour in Dallas :) beautiful day at the dog park (5/13) (The link, if it works, is a pic of Tanith with current beau Charlie White. And now you see why she was able to “force” Ice Castles on him…)

I’ll probably post one more collection of Tweets once the U.S. tour closes. (The Canadian SOI tour just ended a day or two ago, in case you were wondering.)

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