Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mr. Weir Does NOT Go To Washington With The Other Olympians... But What About That Book of Essays?

So you probably heard Johnny Weir is writing a book.

Actually, if you’ve read any of his interviews in the past couple of years, you probably heard that a long time ago. But gee, one little Tweet from him a couple weeks back—

Book meetings! Get ready and brace yourselves.

And BOOM… the publishing world was all a’Twitter (pun only partially intended).

So maybe the real news is that Weir already has a publisher, and consequently a deal… and even a release date, according to
this AP release that appears in USA Today. His “collection of wildly entertaining anecdotes” is supposed to hit shelves next January. Which means his book is already moving much, much faster than mine! But then again, he’s Johnny… and I’m certainly not.

I’m just a silly writer who wants to spoof him a little bit, so here we go…


5) All Things A-Cyrillic: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Inner Russian Diva

4) A Word to the Wise… A Little Black Aura is Nothing, and I Mean Nothing, Like A Little Black Dress

3) Fur and Cow Leather and Spandex, Oh My! Why I No Longer Give a Crap

2) “Weir Eye For the Skater Guy”, and Other Lame Attempts From The Media to Label Me… Get Over It, Darlings, I’m Your Teflon Nightmare.

And #1…
The Pain of Kicking One’s Own Ass with One’s Own Skate Blade… or, Why I’ve Loved Dallas Since the 2003 Disaster.

Olympians Day At the White House

For whatever reason, Weir was not one of the Olympians gathered in Washington D.C. today to meet President and Michelle Obama. Neither was Lysacek, who of course barely has time these days to eat a sandwich. But the Tweets were a-flying from those that DID go… here’s a quick summary of some of the skaters’ experiences:

jeremyabbottpcf In DC reuniting with the Olympians. Hoping to meet the Prez!

RachaelFlatt I am ecstatic right now! I cannot wait to meet Mr. and Mrs. Obama today at the White House! :)

Ben_Agosto On the way to the White House with Olympic and Paralympic teams! I'm so excited!

Ben_Agosto 2nd security check point!

RachaelFlatt just met the president, mrs. obama, and the bidens!!!!!!!! soooo cool

Meryl_Davis At the white house with the rest of team USA. The first lady is a hugger, so sweet!

jeremyabbottpcf Ok 4 not wanting 2 go due 2 exhaustion I thoroughly enjoyed myself! So humbling and inspiring to shake the hand of the leader of our nation!

TanithJLB Dunno which was better:Meeting the President & have him tell me I have a beautiful name/Seeing @CharlieAwhite 's face when they shook hands

Evan_Bates Hugged Michelle Obama today. Shook Barack's hand. He wanted one too but I was like, "Easyyyy prez, why don't you buy me dinner first?"

TanithJLB After a series of speeches from Senators and Congressmen,the room full of athletes finally quiets down when a vid msg from Colbert pops up!

RachaelFlatt @TanithJLB Was it because Colbert sponsored speedskating? Can we get Team Coco to sponsor figure skating????

RachaelFlatt to bed. NOT. still hanging with Team USA ! But wish I was spending the night in the Lincoln bedroom! LOL!

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Elizabeth said...

I like the 2nd title! Johnny the teflon skater!