Sunday, March 28, 2010

Worlds Free Dance: Belgosto Take a Shot at Calling It

Covering the dances shown on Universal Sports with Belgosto (Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto) alongside Andrea Joyce…

Cappellini/Lanotte (ITA)— had the big twizzle crash of the day as you may have seen by now, but they also had a mere level 2 on both their circular steps and their diagonal steps… and 2 points’ worth of deductions (1 for the fall; 1 for an extended lift). FINISHED 11th.

Crone/Poirier (CAN)—Belgosto praised their music choice (Nocturne/Bohemian Rhapsody) for its lyrical quality—something they think was needed—levels 3 & 4 (mostly 4s) on everything; no negative GOEs. FINISHED 7th.

Zaretsky/Zaretsky (ISR)—I’m still trying to figure out why their Schindler’s List program sounds so much, in parts, like Via Dolorosa. Someone enlighten me!! All levels 3 & 4; Belgosto indicates they exits from their moves are still a little rough and that’s the difference between this team and the crème de la crème. Got a season’s best score; FINISHED 6th.

I skipped over the Loft Chatter for now, but if there was anything of note I’ll jot it down when I listen to it.

Pechalat/Bourzat: They ditched the Bourzat-as-Clock/Requiem piece in favor of the Circus Medley they used in 2008-9… oh yeah, I remember this! It’s much more fun and charming. Wish they’d used this in Vancouver too. All levels 3 & 4, and I must say in looking at it again those last 30 seconds of the program remind me a LOT of Torvill and Dean’s “Barnum” program from 1983. Maybe just me though? Belgosto mentions it’s a lot easier to do a dramatic program for the FD because it’s easier to look pained at that point. Heh. FINISHED 4th.

Davis/White: Belgosto says the part of the program they wanted to work on the most was the slow part (circular step sequence), and it must’ve worked because they got the highest GOEs of the program on that part. It’s funny to hear Belgosto both exhale with such excitement when it’s done. Ben notes that he’s never seen Charlie look tired after a performance… until now. 3 points higher than Vancouver, though still… WINS SILVER.

Virtue/Moir: Only real bobble was from Moir in their twizzle sequence; it’s also the only part of their program that got a level 3… (by the way, D/W’s only level 3 was on the diagonal step sequence) Belgosto credits Moir with not putting his foot down and being able to tough out the balance when his twizzle was faltering… but Tanith won’t pick a side as to who is her favorite. (at least, not on camera) WON GOLD.

Faiella/Scali: Apparently Belgosto trained with them for a short while at the start of the season, and can’t say enough great things about them. Ben calls them “great storytellers” that can really create wonderful characters. Two things put their medal chances in danger: a) their dance spin, and b) their twizzles, both of which only received level 2. Fortunately they did everything else quite well. WON BRONZE. (“It was a miracle,” we heard Scali say in English before leaving K & C.)

Kerr/Kerr: They of the constantly struggling twizzles… sigh… this time they went for the blade-grabbing variety, and she missed hers, which contributed in bringing them all the way down to a level 1. Booo. Doubt if they’d really have a shot at bronze even if they’d nailed that, though. FINISHED 5th.

More Worlds recap to follow!


sk8mvn said...

Belgosto--Love it!!

I think Ben has a great "broadcasting" voice--he should do voiceovers (ha).

At one point (I can't remember if it was during the OD or FD) Andrea asked them what their least favorite costume had been in their career. I found it ironic that Ben said the white Elvis jumpsuit he wore for their Elvis number several years back, since I thought his costume for this year's free dance looked like "the Russian Elvis"!!

Lotta said...

Good thing Pechalat/Bourzat decided not to do their Requiem FD. Requiem of a Dream was a great movie with a great soundtrack but I hope nobody skates to it anymore! >_<