Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Notes for Week 1, Then We Move On...

So we keep on running from here, don’t we? The lower-level events simmer along at U.S. Nationals for a few days before the elites return to action on Thursday… meanwhile up north, the entire Canadian Olympic FS Team has been decided (which I’ll try to talk about in some detail soon)… and according to my notes, Euros start Tuesday… yee-ha!

I’d better make my remaining comments short and sweet then…

About PAIRS:

+ I saw waaay too many ugly catch-foot (?) death spirals over the weekend, reflecting a grumble I’ve had with pairs ‘additional point’ elements all season. Can we all pray the ISU sees the error of its ways and eliminates this option soon? As it stands, I look forward to Dick Button having a field day with this at the Olympics. (I’ve heard he’ll be Bob Costas’ “special guest”, as he has been previously.)

+ About Inoue/Baldwin’s performance Saturday: as Scotty would say (and may have anyway), “Nicely done.” As I indicated Saturday, her landing the throw triple axel was a fitting way to go out. Were they robbed by those who preferred Evora/Ladwig? I tend to think not, though admittedly I haven’t studied either’s free skate (or their scores) since Saturday. All I can say with any certainty is that if a guy can’t even bother to TRY the SBS triple toe after 20+ years of competition… let alone land it… I just can’t muster up a whole lotta sympathy.

+ As for all the headlines shouting
This Might Be It for Inoue & Baldwin, and their reported declining to be named to 4CC’s (or to be the pairs’ alternate for Worlds)…I think that’s the right call. They’ve done both those events umpteen times; why not go out on the relatively high note they struck in Spokane? I just hope the bitterness I’ve read about on Baldwin’s part is exaggerated. I know he’s had a long (and probably, at times, exasperating) relationship with U.S. Figure Skating, but that’s no way to go out the door. (Or if it can’t be helped, at least don’t go airing dirty skating costumes with the media.)

+ Man, do I wish Castile/Okolski could get back to their 2007 glory. What a lovely pair to watch. I’ll be curious to hear if they remain “eligible” after this season.

+ Pairs to watch next season: Castelli/Shnapir, Dobbs/Jacobsen, Aaron/Cohen, and Tanovich/Chau (the tiny ones).

About THE MEN:

+ If it isn’t enough to be excited about our top guys right now, how about getting excited about The Next Generation? Rippon is the most noticeable (and successful) of them this year, but I look forward to checking out the free skates of Grant Hochstein, Keegan Messing, and Jonathan Cassar. And to think Ross Miner (last year’s Junior champ) wasn’t even there!

+ Oh, and I think I’m going to follow his own lead and nickname Armin Mahbanoozadeh “Armin Hammer” (apparently that’s what he goes by on Twitter). Cuuute. By the way, don’t be fooled by his subpar free skate yesterday… sounds like he was skating in quite a bit of pain.

+ With Bradley as the top U.S. guy going to 4CC’s… apparently now seen by the U.S. (if not others) as the N.I.T. to the NCAA “March Madness”… I actually have a reason to watch, and cheer. He hasn’t always had my full support (and I’m sure he’s all broken up about it), but I hope he does splendidly.

+ One more thing, and I swear I’m not as old as I’m about to sound: Have half these guys forgotten how to get a haircut?? Adam Rippon, and Charlie White… you know I’m not talking to you guys. Never ever. You’re lovely. You may go now. The rest of you… those who seem to think the tousled, overgrown look is Da Bomb… bzzzzzz (that’s the sound of me firing up some electric scissors)

Dance predictions tomorrow!!!


Sharon said...

Are you really going to predict dance? Not me. I'm too nervous. But go D/W!

Kelli Lawrence said...

You know I'll get it wrong anyway, so what the heck? :-D