Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Liberty Mens Final: Chan's Phantom Needs Work But Still Beats The Hulk and The Tango Guy

Ready for the dramatic conclusion to the Liberty Open?

OK, so given the fact that the reigning World silver medalist Patrick Chan was one of the competitors, it wasn’t destined to be much of a nail-biter. But there were still little mysteries to be solved: would he land his quad? Would he land his triple axel? What would go through his mind if he fell on any of these?

Answers: No… no… and according to
this article, Who cares?

Anyway, Chan won with his new Phantom program, followed by reigning Junior National champ Ross Miner with a Tango routine. And in what will surely be one of the more unique routines we’ll see this coming year (though only on the Junior GP circuit… sigh), Keegan Messing took third with music—and costuming—courtesy of the Hulk soundtrack. He skates with a shredded flannel sleeve and one green arm. I’m not kidding;
see for yourself. He also does some wicked fast spins. Short program winner Douglas Razzano was 4th, and Armin Mahbanoozadeh was 5th.

But anyway, if you’re only here to see if Chan’s new FS is up on You Tube yet—yes it is. See it here as the
Clip of the Day.


jumping clapping man said...

did poor bradley sit on his ass the whole competition? how did he end up in 8th, was it? i hope he's just rusty from the summer.

Kelli Lawrence said...

You know what... the article I read didn't even mention Bradley in regards to the free skate, but since it appears they consider the short & FS separate competitions, I'm not certain he did his FS at all. Chan apparently didn't skate his short... probably because he's still using last year's program at the moment.

In the short, he apparently missed his quad combo (doesn't say if he fell, stumbled, or whatever), and also popped his axel into a double. Total points was only 54.75... eek.