Saturday, April 18, 2009

The US Shows That Figure Skating CAN Be a Team Sport

We’re #1!!!

As far as the ISU World Team Trophy is concerned, that is… USA in first, with Team Canada finishing second and Team Japan in third.

Solid, if not winning, performances by the remainder of Team USA clinched the victory:

--Caroline Zhang pulled up to 3rd, behind 2nd place Canada’s Joannie Rochette and Japan’s Mao Asada (who apparently turned in a gangbusters performance and a nice bounceback from Worlds).

--Rachael Flatt pulled up as well, finishing in 4th right behind Zhang.

--Denney/Barrett lost some ground in their free skate, but still managed to hang in for 4th place.

Oh, and lest I forget (since it hadn’t happened yet when I posted last), Evan Lysacek won the Mens division, while Belbin/Agosto did the same for Dance.

You can read more about the three-day event

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