Monday, April 21, 2008

This Is Only a Test Post... But Please Read it Anyway

“You need to start a blog,” said a friend, a colleague, a page of Writer’s Digest.

And off I went on my mental list of Reasons Not To: three journals I keep up with regularly, off-line… the question “Who has time to write so indulgently?” when you’re busy freelancing for others… the follow-up question “Who takes the time to read those things?”

But there’s a whole lot of blogging going on, and a surprising amount of reading said blogs. Shows how on top of things I am… but then again, wasn’t I the last one on my block to replace my Discman with an IPod?

So here I am, and with an area of specialty to boot (pun completely unintended): figure skating. A sport that is either wobbling along on its last pair of Phantom blades, or headed for yet another renaissance, or merely lying low in the U.S. for now (while bigger than ever in the Far East and Canada). It all depends on the day, the event, who you hear from, who you believe.

As for me, I believe there’s a magic in skating, beneath all the sequins and Biellmann spins, that has to be seen to be believed. I’m not here to proclaim where exactly it’s headed—I just want to hitch a ride and follow it. Who’s with me??

Watch this space a couple times a week for stories, speculations, and my own special feature, Clip of the Day… all officially getting underway May 1st. Yes, just as the off-season really heats up.

Hey, I told you I wasn’t particularly on top of things…


Anonymous said...

WOW, you must be a really good writer to have a blog! I promise to read every single word you write. Your pic is hot too where can I meet you?

skate lover

kmh said...

Because I don't know anything about skating (sorry :( ), I can just say that I just got an IPod at Christmas, so I too am behind the times!

Anonymous said...

Here is my "clip of the day"